Who amongst us hasn't lost a loved one? What would we give for just one more conversation, one more joke, one more shared secret? One more chance to apologize or explain what was really in our heart and mind? Well, I understand. In my many years of taking calls on radio and TV, the most frequent request is always for spirit contact and communication. Every other week it seems at least one book on spirit validity has appeared on the N.Y. Times Best Sellers list. Just about everyone is yearning for someone we've loved and lost who has passed away. In this book, I will lead you through my Connection Technique, which encompasses seven steps to safely make spirit communication possible and enjoyable. This system is the result of years of refining techniques that work well for people practicing spirit communication. I have combined these with my own methods, which I will share with you here. Most people in our society believe that some magical and totally mysterious transformation occurs when we pass over. Spirit contact is much easier if it is not so glorified and mystified. It's a natural part of life!

A text book
A collection of case studies
A history of Spiritualism In America
A high-concept, impossible to understand work book
Stiff and misleading

A light-hearted approach to a difficult subject.
Enlightening (we hope!)
A practical guide on how to contact those you've loved and lost

Seven Steps To Heaven is a concise, easy-to-follow, (did we say uplifting?) guide on how to contact those you've loved and lost. I have been developing this Connection Technique over the last thirty years. I have used it successfully on my own radio and TV shows, as well as on Oprah, Regis, Sally, Geraldo, Entertainment Tonight, Fox TV, and other shows. It is, I believe, the first time you will see anything like this in print, or in practice. Here's the breaking news: you don't need to enlist the services of an expensive, and possibly fraudulent, go-between to connect with your departed loved ones. For those who prefer not to spend endless hours, not to mention money, hunting for psychics, gurus and the like, I bring to light with this book dependable and tested techniques for putting the art of spirit communication into practice. You can use these tools to equip yourself for contact with the departed. Best of all, you can make the desired contact yourself, safely and easily. My hope is that this book will lead you to discover how after-death communication can benefit you, and give you the tools to get started. Most of all, I hope Seven Steps To Heaven is inspirational!

I know that many of you who read this book are dealing with tremendous feelings of sadness and loss. I truly sympathize with you. I sincerely hope that this book will help alleviate your pain. I pray that you will be in less emotional distress. But before you finish this book I want you to laugh, because laughter is one of the most powerful life forces and connects us to the highest energy in the universe.

Spirit communication seems difficult because most people don't know the rules of spirit connection. Native Americans and many other groups of people find spirit communication as natural, safe and easy as breathing. For them, there is nothing to debate since it is a natural part of life. In our society spirit communication is shrouded in fear, so no one tells us how to go about doing it. What we don't understand, see or touch with a feeling of familiarity and comfort, we are inclined to fear. Frightening movies and ghost stories have fueled feelings of fearing the unknown and unseen. However, what we understand and bring out into the light of day we no longer fear. In this book you will learn how to safely align your energies so that your vibrations are compatible with the spirit world. Connection will feel natural. Another reason spirit connection seems difficult is that people in our society are taught from an early age that spirit communication is ridiculous or impossible, or that it is dangerous and not to be encouraged. At a very early age we learn to ignore spirit messages, dreams, and impulses. Individuals are considered to be not very intelligent, gullible, or worse yet, insane, if they claim to communicate with those who have passed on. Yet other countries, such as Brazil, Russia and China, encourage and work with intuitively talented children and adults. There is no question that some societies view psychic individuals as having a lower than average IQ. Why can't people be intuitive and intelligent? Given the choice between being considered crazy or not too bright, intuitive talents are not talked about or encouraged. No wonder we stifle the desire to connect.

As if all of this is not enough to turn off mediumistic talents, certain religious schools punish children who have psychic abilities. Some western religions even pound home the message that spirit connection or contact is "demonic." Yet nothing is more healing or divinely transcendent to the broken spirit of humans who have lost loved ones than the experience of re-connection. This thinking is not within the capability of some western religions. Some claim that it is against the laws of God to believe in or to participate in after death communication. Some religions perceive psychic mediums who connect grieving people with their departed loved ones as threats. But, really, what stops organized religion from doing the same thing? Truly, mass media has not always contributed to our feelings of comfort and security about spirit interaction either