Contact Joyce:
Last week, during a time when I was feeling a bit out of sorts, I ventured to my favorite "getaway, " Barnes & Noble. I proceeded straight to the New Age section, another favorite spot, and there your book was waiting.... what a gift! I have read many, many books on angels and connecting, listened to tapes, attended seminars, etc., but clearly yours was the easiest read -- clear and concise, factual along with honest interpretations and stories of your life, as examples. I am forever grateful. I have told a number of my friends about it and I look forward to instituting your techniques as I journey on my path.

As many people may have written, as we all have a story, my story has allowed me to trust, feel and need the Universe, God and the angels to protect me, love me and guide me. For there was a time, not too long ago, when I just did not know me or feel the need to know me-- ever. Today, wow! I am blessed.

Once again, thank you.

Love and Light,
Karen Morrissey
Of all the people that I have been trying to ask for help, you are the only one that did not ask me for money. You are truly heaven sent.
God bless you.
Jose A. Puerto
Thanks so much for your sweet response. - Thanks to your words, I think my faith already is starting to come back! I'm going to follow your wise words and keep reading that little mantra, in your Angel book. Joyce, know I've never met you, and have only ever e-mailed several times and read your book, but you've had such a HUGE impact on my life!!! You have taught me so much...I never in a million years imagined that one of the most significant teachers in my life would be someone I never met!
Thanks for being such an 'Earth Angel !"