I wrote about this in my book, "7 Steps"...NY was flooded by Hurricane Gloria, no power, blown-out windows, roofs, etc. a day before our daughter Elaine's wedding..we had planned a huge wedding on the Great South Bay for her and her groom, at a great reception was a disaster, especially because 200 people were attending...amid flooding, darkness, high winds with windows blowing out, I tried to protect her wedding gown & veil by lying on top of it...fell asleep (hard to believe, right?) and saw master teacher Babaji! He said, "Don't worry! I'll take care of everything! I'll make the hurricane STOP right next to the wedding reception hall, right at the Great South Bay in Lindenhurst, and I'll see that you have PROOF of this! It will be a beautiful day, and a beautiful wedding." True to his word, the next day was a beautiful day, and the electricity came on briefly...just long enough for Elaine and her bridal party to get ready, and long enough to have a terrific reception. The next day, Monday, Oct. 7, 1985, the bride and groom where off on their honeymoon. Jack and I turned on the TV, and saw a weatherman giving the post-hurricane report...he pointed to the map of Long Island, New York. He pointed to the exact spot of Elaine's wedding reception, on his weather map, and said, "The hurricane abruptly and mysteriously STOPPED on Wellwood Avenue in Lindenhurst!" That was the exact location of her wedding! Once again, Babaji was good for his word. I have had many experiences like this one, but this is one of my favorites.

Here is the most amazing story of all.

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"God's Portal"

There Is No Death!
What Seems So Is Actually Transition.
This Life Of Mortal Breath Is But A Suburb Of The Life Elysian,
Whose Portal Is What We Call Death.

- Henry W. Longfellow

During July of 2001, Jack and I fell in love with and bought an apartment in the shadow of the World Trade Center. It was an amazing apartment, on the thirty-sixth floor, with sweeping views of the New York Harbor and the Statue of Liberty. Half of the roof of our building looks out onto the harbor. The other half had an overwhelming view of the World Trade Center. Even though I had negative feelings about the area, there was no way that we could not buy this apartment. It was perfect for us; we loved everything about it. Everything was made easy for us. The purchase of the apartment and moving in went more quickly and smoothly than any transaction we had ever before partaken. It was done within a period of two weeks. Jack and I were amazed.

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We just about finished moving in by 9/9. We left on Sunday to attend a christening on Long Island and we were not in the city on the fateful day.

A few days after 9/11, we returned to the apartment, which was, amazingly, untouched. The doorman hugged us in an expression of grief and relief. The first night sleeping in the apartment, soon after falling asleep, I was abruptly awakened. I couldn't see anything. The room seemed to be filled with choking smoke...I was screaming, crying, sweating, and unable to see anything. I was hysterical and terrified. I ran screaming into the living room, feeling as if my chest and head was being crushed. There was no air to breathe. Clearly, I was dying.

After a few moments I was able to see through the dust and rubble, and I began to see firemen. They extended their arms and picks, along with other instruments, towards me. One of them told me, "We're here to help lead these people out of this." I realized that they didn't know that they were dead.

One of my spirit teachers, Earlyne, appeared, and spoke softly to me. She said, "You and Jack have been brought here for a job. A portal, or doorway has been created by the spirit world in this living room window." She continued, "It is your job to help to lead these departed folks out through this portal, and out into the Light." She pointed out the window toward a bright light in the middle of the Harbor, to the right of the Statue of Liberty. I had never seen that light before. It was warm, welcoming, and it softly glowed over the Harbor.

By now, Jack was up and standing next to me. Earlyne directed Jack and me to stand in front of the window, facing each other, about five feet apart, arms extended from our sides. We were told by Earlyne that the spirit world not only needed our physical presence, but also the sound of our voices. We were asked to repeat as we guided the departed souls out the window, "Go into the light! Look for the light over the Harbor! Go toward the light. Go into the light! Don't be afraid. God loves you! You are safe now. Go into the light!"

We repeated this over and over, and said prayers that we felt would be helpful. The room seemed to be filled with firemen, policemen, men and women. Some left quickly and easily. Some were happy, and glad to go. Others were crying and confused. One departed fellow cried, "But I have to go back to my desk!" A spirit teacher took him by the hand and led him out through the portal.

A fireman made us laugh. He said, "Look, I can fly with my boots on!" He left easily and joyfully. Many of these departed folks did not know what had happened, and did not know where they were. There was a feeling, though, of understanding, acceptance and resignation. I was told to tell them that things would be better for them, and more joyful, after they entered the Light.

Many asked where they were. Some asked, "Why can't I see my wife?" "Why can't I see my children?" "Where's my husband?"

There were many confused souls and many questions. We kept telling them, "All will be well. Go into the light! Go with God! Soon all with be explained and understood." "Look for, and follow the light."

They streamed faster and faster by us, as if the word was out and the path had been made easier for them.

As the sun started to come up over the Harbor. I realized how fatigued Jack and I were. We had to go to sleep. One of our spirit teachers nodded in our direction. He indicated that we were finished for the time being. I repeated to the departing entities, "Go with God."

We realized that we had been standing by the window for over four hours, and were soaking wet from perspiration. Earlyne told us, "Don't worry. The vibration has been set up, and is established. The work will continue. The portal has been established, and will remain active until the job is finished. All is well. Go to sleep." Since that night, we have made efforts to spiritually cleanse every square inch of the apartment with incense and Indian smudge. We have asked the most spiritual people we know to come and visit us. I know that their presence will help to raise and keep the vibrations as high as possible, both in our apartment, and in Battery Park City. I don't know if this apartment is the only portal that was created for the purpose of guiding souls into the light. I only know that it is a gateway to heaven


          Don't Be Afraid                              Reach Out

           Don't be afraid                                Reach out
     God will take your hand               I'm as close as your hand
          Follow the light                       Even if you can't see me
     To His heavenly land                    In God's heavenly land

          Don't be afraid                                 Reach out
     God guides from birth                      Just call my name
     We're in His kingdom                         I'm hard to see
Whether it's heaven or earth              But my love is the same

          Don't be afraid                                 Reach out
To reconnect with those we've lost            Lose the fears
          The love continues                     We can connect;
     Even after we've crossed               Please dry your tears

                                                                Reach out
                                                          Though we're apart
                                                          Go on with your life
                                                            I'm in your heart


The anniversary of one of our greatest and saddest tragedies is upon us.
Although the event will never fade in the lifetime of any American who can
recall the event, this year it is central to the restoration of our Judeo
Christian-Constitution connection.

With the audacity of the intent to build a victory memorial by the heirs
apparent to the Muslims who committed the atrocity dominating our thoughts
and consciousness, our greatest defense and objection is our Faith and the
inextricable Judeo Christian connection to our Constitution and the birth
of our nation. Our enabling enemy is political correctness. In plain
speak, Islam has no standing in our nation or our Constitution and we are
fools to allow them the latitude of our First Amendment as cover for their
ill intentioned Mosque and Muslim Sharia Law.

I have recently been made aware of an account called The Portal. The
author is a family member. It will give you a renewed perspective of the
importance, to all who believe, that we have a soul, and that our souls
will survive our earthly existence. In its own way it is a tribute to
those who perished and an acknowledgement of their Faith.

Ground Zero is indeed Hallowed ground and it is a Shrine of a Judeo
Christian nation. We must not allow, under any circumstances, a victory
Mosque to defile the memories of our citizens or the historical national
importance of the site. It is no less a sacred site than the Alamo, Pearl
Harbor or Arlington Cemetery.

Please visit, and click on "The Portal".